‘Sharknado’ Causes a Stir in the Media

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‘Sharknado’ Causes a Stir in the Media

‘Sharknado’ Causes a Stir in the Media
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‘Sharknado’ Causes a Stir in the Media

by The Insider 2:02 mins

The mockbuster “Sharknado” is causing whirlwinds in the Twitterverse. In the movie, a storm spews man-eating sharks on Southern California – a storyline that appears to have people talking. The hashtag “Sharknado” had a recorded 5,000 tweets per minute. To break it down, that’s 80 tweets per second! Check out the vid to see what the big to do is about the SyFy flick and watch “omg! Insider” for more of the latest in entertainment news.

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