‘Roseanne’ Reunion

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‘Roseanne’ Reunion

‘Roseanne’ Reunion
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‘Roseanne’ Reunion

by The Insider 2:06 mins

This fall will mark 25 years since the premiere of the primetime hit, “Roseanne” and “omg! Insider” caught up with the very first “Becky,” actress Lecy Goranson (who was eventually replaced by Sarah Chalke) and her TV brother “DJ,” actor Michael Fishman. The duo opened up to about their hit show, the co-star they lost and Roseanne’s personal battles. And Michael and Lecy even credit their TV mom for keeping them out of child star trouble. Check out the vid to hear more from the “Roseanne” reunion and tune into “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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