Queen Latifah Opens Up About the Future

omg! INSIDER 1:14 mins

Queen Latifah has been in 35 movies and released 7 CD’s since she first hit the scene, making her worth a reported $60 million. Now the media mogul is making a smooth transition to a daytime talk show host. So where does the 43-year old see herself in 10 years? “omg! Insider” correspondent Keltie Knight visited her set to talk about what’s to come. “I'll be hanging out here, probably grooming my replacement in 10 years or not my replacement. I'm irreplaceable,” Latifah teased. And Keltie made sure to dig into the vault, showing her a pic of her character, Cleo, from the film “Set it Off” as well as her album cover, “All Hail the Queen.” “That's a woman with power even though she’s 17,” she explained of the album shot. Check out the vid to see more of Keltie’s sit down with Queen Latifah and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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