Prince William, Duke of Cambridge News Pop: Kate Middleton & Prince William's Royal Birth

Wochit 1:03 mins

Kate Middleton is by far the most stunning new mother ever seen! But a lot of stuff goes on behind that perfect blow-out and gorgeous eyelashes! Looking back through everything, there have been glorious goodies about their kiddie-centric lives before, during, and after the royal birth! The royal baby has left St. Mary's Hospital and headed home to Kensington Palace with his proud parents. But we still don't know what to call him yet. Prince William told reporters he and Kate "are still working on a name, so we will have that as soon as we can." A crowd cheered, hundreds of cameras clicked and an image of familial perfection was beamed around the world. Prince William, his wife Kate and their infant son, the Prince of Cambridge, emerged from London's St. Mary's Hospital to start a new chapter in their lives ? capping a remarkable turnaround for a monarchy that had ended the 20th century at a low point of popularity.

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