Paula Deen on ‘Today’: Pick Up That Stone and Throw It at Me

omg! INSIDER 2:59 mins

What a difference a few lost business deals make — at least that's what Matt Lauer implied during his sit-down with Paula Deen on the "Today" show Wednesday morning. Clad in baby pink and sporting her signature "doll eyes" (no, that's not a technical term), a teary Paula faced off with the oft-prickly host as she insisted, over and over and in varying terms, that she is a God-fearing woman who — while imperfect — is still a victim who deserves the public's forgiveness. As she broke down in tears and pointed fingers at an "evil" opportunist, she even went so far as to urge anyone who has "never said something that they wish they could take back" to just go ahead and throw stones at her. For the latest entertainment news, check out “omg! Insider” on TV.

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