The Other Way The Bryan Twins Are Winning a Grand Slam

omg! INSIDER Update 1:31 mins

Bob and Mike Bryan, also known as the Wonder twins, are taking the tennis game by storm. At just 35-years-old these two have managed to win 15 major titles, and, if they win at the US Open they will become the first doubles team to win a Grand Slam since 1951. But, these twins aren’t letting the fame and fortune go to their heads and are giving back to underprivileged kids with a dream to succeed. Partnering with Esurance, Bob and Mike are surprising young players with one on one tennis time, encouraging the little ones to, helping put smiles on their faces, and sharing their love for the sport with the kids. Check out this video to see how the wonder twins in action, and for more of the latest in entertainment news, tune in to “omg! Insider” on television tonight!

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