Original Sentencing Judge Jackie Glass Says O.J. Simpson Deserves to Be in Jail

omg! INSIDER 2:51 mins

Jackie Glass is the judge who presided over the trial that sent O.J. Simpson to jail in 2008, who sentenced Simpson to 9 to 33 years in federal prison on conspiracy to commit a crime, robbery, kidnapping, and assault with a deadly weapon charges. In an exclusive new interview with "omg! Insider" correspondent Christina McLarty, Glass shares her opinion on Simpson's current hearing in Nevada to have his conviction overturned. "A jury found him guilty of many serious charges and when you are convicted of those charges the only option, as a judge, was to send him to prison," Glass states. "Because of the jury’s verdict, O.J. deserves to be in prison." For the latest on O.J. Simpson’s trial, check out “omg! Insider” on TV.

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