Miley Cyrus: From Disney Darling to Twerking Queen

omg! INSIDER 3:25 mins

Before Miley was twerking at the MTV VMA’s, she was a wholesome and innocent young girl, auditioning for “Hannah Montana”- the role that would quickly make her a household name. “Hannah Montana” would go on for four seasons, becoming one of Disney Channel’s most popular shows, and making Miley a billion dollar business before she even reached adulthood. But in 2010 it became clear that Miley was desperate to shed her good girl image when she released her single, “Can’t Be Tamed” and that was only the beginning of her transformation to full-fledged bad girl. Check out the vid to see Miley’s road from Disney darling to provocative headline maker and tune into “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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