Meet Perez Hilton’s Baby Boy

omg! INSIDER 0:38 mins

Perez Hilton introduced his baby boy, Mario Armando Lavandeira III or Perez Jr, to "omg! Insider" co-host Thea Andrews at an L.A. Times photo shoot, giving us an exclusive first look at the bundle of joy! The proud papa shared his excitement and revealed how he kept one of the biggest web secrets. Thea said, “It was so beautiful to see the pure joy on Perez's face as he held his newborn son! This is something that he's dreamed about for a long time and he's clearly a natural. He's already thinking about brothers and sisters for the little guy, so I'm sure we'll see his family grow in the years to come.” Don’t miss Perez Jr.’s first television appearance on "omg! Insider" on Monday, March 25.

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