Mackenzie Phillips Weighs in on Rehab, Lindsay Lohan and Staying Sober

omg! INSIDER 2:37 mins

When Mackenzie Phillips agreed to do “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” it was a choice she made to help not only herself, but others struggling with addiction. "I thought of Celebrity Rehab not so much as a beneficial for the people going through it but as a public service for the viewing public,” she told "omg! Insider" in an exclusive interview with her “One Day at a Time” costars. Glenn Scarpelli and Pat Harrington sat next to Phillips for the first time since their old costar Bonnie Franklin’s funeral this past spring. Phillips also weighed in on Lindsay Lohan's reported reality show set to begin filming following her exit from rehab. “I think that everyone has to do the same thing to stay clean and sober,” she said. “And if that helps the situation for her, that's beautiful.” Check out the vid to hear more about how Phillips is living a sober life today and be sure to watch "omg! Insider" for the latest in entertainment news.

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