Justin Bieber News Pop: Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Nightclub After Cops Catch Him Drinking Underage!

Wochit 1:08 mins

It's pretty obvious from his recent urinary escapades that Justin Bieber is getting his drink on. In the Biebs' Canadian homeland, drinking at 19 may be eh-OK, but here in the US, the legal age is 21! Maybe Justin feels the rules don't apply to him- and apparently the Bodi nightclub in Chicago club where he partied agreed. It's being reported that Justin Bieber's B-F-F Lil Twist was arrested for a DUI in Calabasas at 3:30am Thursday morning. Caught driving yet ANOTHER of the Biebs' cars ? his Fisker Karma ? while reportedly under the influence, Lil Twist was allegedly on his way to Justin's home before being spotted by police. Lil Twist was also given a speeding ticket while driving Bieber's Ferrari in March. Justin Bieber apologized to Bill Clinton over the phone, after a video of Bieber cursing out a picture of the former President surfaced online

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