Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Ex Wife is a ‘Rodeo Girl’

omg! INSIDER 1:18 mins

Darcy LaPier is Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ex-wife and the star of A&E’s new reality show, “Rodeo Girls.” “omg! Insider” sat down with the model to find out how she went from being Mrs. Muscles of Brussels to a royal Rodeo Queen. “It's hard to live in a man’s world,” she explained. But Darcy is proving that the rodeo is not just for cowboys anymore and she’s racing with some of the most notorious women on the circuit. While many men may be intimidated by her tough persona, there’s one man who’s still rooting for her. The 48-year-old explained, “Jean-Claude and I fought like cats and dogs for years and we were like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. But you know he's really, really proud of me.” Check out the vid to hear what Darcy thinks of Jean-Claude’s latest split stunt and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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