How Hugh Jackman Bulked Up for 'Prisoners'

omg! INSIDER 2:06 mins

"omg! Insider" correspondent Christina McLarty caught up with Hugh Jackman on the set of his new film, "Prisoners" and she got the scoop on how the hunky actor got his beefed up bod. The Aussie star revealed that he's on a diet of 6,000 calories a day! He explained, "I'm on a new thing which I must admit I'm quite enjoying. Where you eat for 8 hours a day and then you don't eat, you fast 16 hours. So the basic theory is that during those 16 hours your body uses fat for energy right? But then during those 8 hours it' disgusting. Yeah in fact we better wrap this interview up because I've got some fajitas coming any second." Check out the vid for a look behind the scenes and for the latest entertainment news, check out “omg! Insider” on TV.

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