Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Host Slammed Over Weight Gain

omg! INSIDER 2:45 mins

Former “Biggest Loser” host Ajay Rochester has been making headlines for putting on weight instead of taking it off! The Australian reality show host opened up to “omg! Insider” co-anchor Thea Andrews about what it’s like to be bullied in the tabloids, her emotional battle with weight, and her new quest to lose it again. The 44-year-old is going from host to contestant for the YouTube reality series "Being Fat Sucks," which follows different contestants trying to win the battle with obesity. Ajay will receive guidance from trainer Nikki Disanto three times a week, showing her how to eat and exercise right. Check out this vid to see what Ajay told Thea about her roller coaster journey. For more of the latest entertainment news, tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight. And to check out the YouTube reality series, please visit

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