Everything You Need to Know About Jason Brown

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Everything You Need to Know About Jason Brown

Everything You Need to Know About Jason Brown
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Everything You Need to Know About Jason Brown

by The Insider 1:44 mins

On Thursday night Jason Brown will take the ice in the men’s short program. “The Insider” correspondent Keltie Knight caught up with the Olympian before he left for Sochi and she learned firsthand why Jason is a favorite with the audience. Jason told Keltie about the moment he found out he was going to the Winter Olympics. “You get a text saying where to meet. Like before the press conference. So they make it live. So yeah, you find out through text and like, I started to cry.” The 19-year-old grew up in Chicago, has been skating since he was 3 and a half and he’s already won a bronze medal in Sochi for the team event! Jason is so good on the ice in fact, that his performance at the U.S. Championships racked up over 4 million YouTube views! Jason’s currently in medal contention, sitting in 4th place on Thursday after his short program performance. But Jason credits his family for helping him get to the top. “They mean the world to me. They're not parents that are at the rink for hours, like pushing me and pushing me. You know if I don't want to skate, they don't make me skate. And that's like the type of parents they are and I can't ask for anything more,” he explained. Check out the vid to see Jason give Keltie a figure skating lesson and be sure to tune into "The Insider" on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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