Chris Brown: ‘I’m a Changed Man’

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Chris Brown: ‘I’m a Changed Man’

Chris Brown: ‘I’m a Changed Man’
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Chris Brown: ‘I’m a Changed Man’

by The Insider 1:57 mins

It’s no secret that R&B star Chris Brown has been on a rocky path since his 2009 domestic violence dispute with Rihanna. He went on the “Today” show on Monday to promote his new music video, “Fine China,” but Matt Lauer asked him some tough questions. Chris opened up about his current relationship with RiRi, insisting that he is a “changed man.” The singer spoke candidly with the morning news show host about what he’s gone through to become a better man and what it’s been like living in the public eye since that fateful night. For more entertainment news, check out “omg! Insider” on TV.

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