Which Hollywood Star Introduced Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux?

INSIDER Update 1:32 mins

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, but you might be surprised to know that it was Robert Downey Jr. who introduced them. Theroux was a writer on RDJ's 2007 flick "Tropic Thunder" and met Aniston when she paid a visit to the set. While discussing Jen and Justin's relationship in the August issue of Details magazine, Downey Jr. said, "He and Jen fell in a real, legit fashion, and he was willing from the jump to make sacrifices." And Theroux doesn't mind the sacrifices he's had to make since hooking up with the former "Friends" star. The actor told Details that despite the fact the media is very interested in his love life, being with Aniston is easy. "It doesn't feel like a hardship, it doesn't feel difficult. It can be an annoyance, but it's not the end of the world. You have to center on what its core thing is, which is that you met someone you fell in love with. It's hard to explain. I just find myself wondering, What's the big f****** deal?" Check out this video to see what Justin had to say about working with Jennifer on "Wanderlust," and tune in to "The Insider With Yahoo" for the latest in entertainment news.