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Fairly or not, British actress Sienna Miller became tabloid fodder at the age of just 22 following her supporting role in "Alfie" (2004), which starred actor and future companion, Jude Law. Having become romantically entangled with her leading man off-screen, Miller was instantly catapulted into the blistering limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. The press was quick to dissect the newcomer's romance with her older movie star boyfriend, as …
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Sienna Rose Miller on December 28, 1981 in New York City, New York, USA



Fairly or not, British actress Sienna Miller became tabloid fodder at the age of just 22 following her supporting role in "Alfie" (2004), which starred actor and future companion, Jude Law. Having become romantically entangled with her leading man off-screen, Miller was instantly catapulted into the blistering limelight, but for all the wrong reasons. The press was quick to dissect the newcomer's romance with her older movie star boyfriend, as well as her bohemian chic style, while continually ignoring her acting talent. A shift occurred when Law was caught cheating with his nanny in 2005, pigeonholing Miller into the role of victim. With public sympathy firmly on her side, Miller went on to deliver competent performances in such films as "Layer Cake" (2005) and "Factory Girl" (2006), proving she was more than a fashion plate and wronged woman. But that perception was flipped when she became the other woman in an affair with married actor Balthazar Getty after photos of a topless Miller with Getty were published in a British tabloid. Not surprisingly, Miller received her fair share of bad press for the affair. Meanwhile, she continued to impress onscreen with "Camille" (2007), "The Edge of Love" (2008) "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (2009) and "The Girl" (HBO, 2012), all of which showed that she was more deserving of critical praise for her work than tabloid coverage of her personal life.

Miller was born in New York City, NY on Dec. 28, 1981 after her mother went into labor while watching a live performance of "The Nutcracker" in New York City. Her father, Ed Miller, was a successful American banker and her bohemian South African mother, Jo, ran the Lee Strasberg Drama School in London. Miller lived in an artistic and lively household in London with her mother and older sister Savannah after her parents' divorce when she was six. By the age of eight, she was shipped off to Heathfield, an upper crust all girls boarding school. An outgoing and mischievous child, she always yearned to be larger than life on the silver screen. She also combated the loneliness of being away from home by making lots of friends and playing schoolgirl pranks. Not bothered by modesty or the damp English air, Miller was known on occasion to streak around the lacrosse field, a proclivity for going au natural that would never leave her. After she graduated from Heathfield, Miller took her dramatic aspirations to the next level, studying acting in New York, where she also starred in several theatrical productions.

In 2002, Miller jumped the pond again, returning to England to make her television acting debut on the short lived "Keen Eddie" (Fox 2002-03) playing Fiona, a woman living with a NYPD cop-turned private detective on the hunt for a drug dealer in London. "Keen Eddie" may have been short-lived, but Miller was on the cusp of a groundbreaking year. In 2004, she co-starred with the future James Bond, Daniel Craig, in the sexy British gangster feature, "Layer Cake," portraying the unnamed drug dealer's (Craig) love interest. But before "Layer Cake" was even released, Miller's follow-up film "Alfie" (2004), a remake of the 1966 film about a womanizer who is forced to face his bad karma as his life slowly unravels, was released. Critics panned the film, but the real story was hardly the film; it was the on-set romance between Miller and Law, the 31-year-old star of the film. Law was internationally famous and just coming out of a divorce from actress Sadie Frost, the mother of his three children. Despite the bad timing, Law was instantly smitten with Miller and the two wasted no time in becoming an item, much to the delight of the international press.

From the beginning, the media seemed suspicious of the young upstart landing the handsome star. The couples every move was documented, especially by the British press, where the couple was the most famous. Miller and Law appeared to be weathering the storm just fine; even becoming engaged on Christmas day, 2004. To the casual observer it looked like Miller was living a dream of landing a Hollywood hunk who loved her, until August of 2005, when Law admitted to cheating on Miller with his children's nanny. Like fellow British beauty Liz Hurley, who had years earlier faced her partner Hugh Grant's public philandering, the brokenhearted starlet found herself embroiled in the "Nannygate" scandal seemingly overnight. Not surprisingly, Miller called off the engagement. The scrutiny on Miller and Law only intensified, and for a moment Miller had the public's sympathy. What followed was a reconciliation with Law, followed by another break-up, followed by another reconciliation The couple finally called it quits in November 2006.

If Miller thought the demise of her relationship with Law would refocus the spotlight on her career, she was mistaken. Post-break-up, Miller's private escapades continued to overshadow her modest acting résumé. Deservedly, or not, the press dubbed her a rabid party girl, linking her with every man who crossed her path, especially co-stars. On the upside, they praised her personal style, labeling her a fashionista. Miller denied allegations of countless affairs and spending inordinate amounts of time trolling pubs and clubs. According to Miller, she led a quiet, ordinary life. However, the constant paparazzi often documented just the opposite. In 2005, she landed a starring role opposite Aussie actor, Heath Ledger, in "Casanova" portraying Francesca; an independent woman who wins Casanova's (Ledger) heart despite rebuffing his advances. The following year, Miller got her chance to finally quiet the rumblings of her critics with her lead role in the Edie Sedgwick biopic "Factory Girl." The films reviews were mixed, but Miller surprised many critics, who praised the young beauty for her impressive portrayal of Sedgwick. Though she delivered a strong performance, Miller inadvertently distracted from the buzz of "Factory Girl" by creating a much louder buzz on another topic.

While awaiting the release of "Factory Girl," Miller was dispatched to Pittsburgh to film "The Mysteries of Pittsburgh." Apparently not a fan of the city, Miller shared her opinion with a reporter from magazine, calling the city "Sh*tsburgh." Not unexpectedly, dwellers of this Pennsylvania city were not pleased. The "sh*t" hit the fan for Miller, who was told to go back to England if she did not have anything nice to say. Miller backpedaled, apologizing through her reps for dissing the city, as the films producers attempted massive damage control with its irate citizens. In Miller's defense, however, anyone who had ever read her interviews knew that she was not one to carefully edit herself like most celebrities. She generally seemed to blurt out whatever popped into her head, making her refreshingly free-spirited, unguarded, and occasionally insulting, much to the dismay of any publicist.

Despite the firestorm of bad press, Miller continued to be an in-demand actress. In 2007, she had a small role in the fantasy feature "Stardust" opposite Robert De Niro and Michelle Pfeiffer. Next she starred as a vacuous soap opera actress being interviewed by a caustic journalist (Steve Buscemi) in the independent feature "Interview" (2007) also written and directed by Buscemi. Tabloid journalists eagerly awaited reports of temper tantrums and diva meltdowns from the set of Miller's next project, the Dylan Thomas biopic "The Edge of Love" (2008). Unfortunately for the tabloids, Miller and her co-star Keira Knightley became fast friends. With no smack downs to report between the two sexy ingénues, gossip bloggers moved onto plan B and began buzzing about the explicitness of their Sapphic sex scenes. After getting so much attention for her personal style; Miller decided to add designer to her CV, so in 2006, she teamed up with her fashion designer sister, Savannah Miller, to launch the clothing line Twenty8Twelve. Back on the big screen, Miller starred in the black comedy "Camille" (2008), playing the title character, a sweet girl who marries a conniving thief (James Franco) and who hopes their honeymoon to Niagara Falls can change him for the better, even after she happens to wind up dead.

Also in 2008, Miller had another spate of negative press when she engaged in a highly-public affair with actor, Balthazar Getty, who was married at the time to Rosetta Millington, mother of his four children. The scandal was fueled by photos of Getty kissing a topless Miller aboard a boat off the coast of Italy. The much-publicized affair caused Getty to split with his wife and led to Miller suing the British tabloid that published the photos. While she and Getty split, Miller resumed her on-again, off-again relationship with Law in 2009. Of course, she continued working and played Cobra villain, The Baroness, in "G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra" (2009), before appearing on the London stage in a production of "Flare Path" (2011). After she again ended her affair with Law in early 2011, she began dating actor Tom Sturridge, with whom she had daughter, Marlowe. Professionally, Miller earned critical kudos for playing actress Tippi Hedren in "The Girl" (HBO, 2012), a behind-the-scenes look at the uneasy relationship between the actress and director Alfred Hitchcock (Toby Jones) during the making of "The Birds" (1963) and "Marnie" (1964). Her performance as the tormented Hedren earned Miller a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actress in a Miniseries or TV Movie. Meanwhile, Miller received something of good news when it was announced that she was set to receive a settlement from News of the World, which admitted to hacking her phone as part of Rupert Murdoch's ongoing News International phone hacking scandal.

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