Natalie Wood All Fine

Natalie Wood All Fine Cannibals
Actress Natalie Wood, her husband Robert Wagner and their friend Christopher Walken took a yacht to Catalina Island, off the coast of L.A. for Thanksgiving weekend in 1981, and it would be the 43-year-old Wood's last trip. According to Wagner, after an evening of arguing, Wood went to bed on the yacht, which was anchored in the harbor, while the men stayed in the boat's salon and eventually headed up to the deck, where they realized that both Wood and the boat's dinghy were gone. The Coast Guard began a search at around 1:30 a.m. and Wood's body was discovered floating in the harbor later that morning. The coroner ruled the death an accidental drowning and found a large amount of alcohol in her system. The theory was that Wood tried to take the dinghy out and fell overboard, but in 2009, skipper Dennis Davern -- who had been on the yacht -- went public with his claims that the actress was actually the victim of foul play and her husband was responsible. Everett Collection - 1960
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