Boy George Clu

Boy George Club Amnesia
Boy George, 51, is back in the spotlight again thanks to Mark Ronson's song "Somebody to Love Me," which features the Culture Club frontman on vocals. When asked by The Hollywood Reporter if he wishes he had been more openly gay earlier in his career, Boy George replied, "I think you do things in your own time. My family knew I was gay when I was 15, long before I got famous. But it's a very different thing coming out to your family and coming out to the universe. That's a big step. Maybe without me, there wouldn't be Adam Lambert. Without Bowie, there wouldn't be me. Without Quentin Crisp, there wouldn't have been Bowie. So everything is part of a big daisy chain. A lot of people come up to me all the time and say thank you for helping me be who I am. So my thing wasn't just about sexuality. It was about anyone who felt different; anyone who felt out of place. Being gay was one part of it."
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