Zach Galifianakis Gets Engaged: What Else He's Been Up To

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Though his character on "The Hangover" doesn't seem like he will ever get married, the same can't be said for actor Zach Galifianakis. Reports have confirmed that the 42-year-old funnyman has gotten engaged to girlfriend Quinn Lundberg. The couple won't be engaged for long as they are set to walk down the aisle on August 11. According to a source, the invitations have already gone out and they do a nice job showcasing his comedic edge. "Zach included a drawing of himself and his bride-to-be on the invite," says the source. "He made sure he looked like a little troll, while Quinn is a stunning tall blonde princess." While this is no doubt exciting news for the star, he has plenty of other things going on. Here is a look at what else he has been up to in his busy life.

He's got a big movie due this summer

Later this summer, fans will get a taste of a comedy dream team when Zach joins forces with Will Ferrell for "The Campaign." If the hilarious trailer is any indication, we will be in for a real treat. Zach sports a goofy mustache and a strange voice to play humble Congressional candidate Marty Huggins. Given the box office clout of these two actors, we can assume that this will be a huge hit in the eyes of fans as well as critics.

He's not done with "The Hangover"

In 2013, Zach will team up with Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms for the next chapter in "The Hangover" franchise. Production on the movie is set to begin this fall, and at least one co-star is excited to reunite the Wolf Pack. "It's like the most fun thing in the universe to make those movies," said Helms. "So we're gonna crank up again and see what happens." The first two movies have generated a ton of box office revenue, and there's no reason to think that the third movie won't do the same.

He's gone digital

You don't need to watch a movie to crack up at Zach's antics. The bearded star has a series of video segments on the Funny or Die website that involve him conducting strange interviews with celebrities. The segments, titled "Between the Ferns with Zach Galifianakis," began appearing in 2008 and have earned millions of views. Among the famous people to appear with Zach are Ben Stiller, Jon Hamm, Natalie Portman, and Bruce Willis. The skits are so popular that they made an appearance on Comedy Central in May, so a TV version might not be far behind.

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