Which Young Starlet Will End Up like Lindsay Lohan? Demi Lovato, Taylor Momsen or Miley Cyrus?

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Demi Lovato was dating Wilmer Valderrama before going into rehab. He is much older than she is.

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Demi Lovato was dating Wilmer Valderrama before going into rehab. He is much older than she is.

A select handful of young starlets have hit miraculous highs in their young careers. With the pressures of Hollywood and being famous, which of these young divas will find themselves like Lindsay Lohan?

If you read enough gossip sites, inevitably the names Demi Lovato, Taylor Momsen and Miley Cyrus come up for some antic good or bad. But which starlet will let the bad supersede the good that comes along with being a superstar?

Miley Cyrus

I thought Miley Cyrus was taking the crown from LiLo but she proved that she can transfer from an innocent teen into a wild adult overnight. Just listen to 2009's "The Time Of Our Lives" and you'll get the brief recap of her new edgy attitude.

Fans may not like this version of Hannah Montana but Cyrus looks like she knows what she's doing. Maybe Billy Ray's achy, breaky heart has the best intentions. And with Billy Ray and wife, Tish, calling off their divorce, it's very possible the two, together, can keep Miley out of trouble. You can't blame Miley though; her life as teen idol Hannah Montana and the accolades that came with it are a lot of responsibility for any person, much less a teenager.

Demi Lovato

My next pick for the crash and burn was Demi Lovato. Lovato came into our hearts and lives in a big way via the Camp Rock movies. Her romance with Joe Jonas spawned a modern day Sonny and Cher but recently, Lovato has seen her shares of trouble. She broke up with Jonas and found herself in rehab but, nonetheless, Lovato avoided the LiLo tattoo by recovering and now she is anxious to be getting back to work.

Although avoiding the LiLo tattoo, Lovato did trash herself up a bit by getting tattoos of her own of the words "Stay" and "Strong" on the insides of her wrists. Like Cyrus, Lovato gained huge popularity after Camp Rock with her debut album "Don't Forget," which debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200.

Taylor Momsen

"Gossip Girl" turned controversial rock star Taylor Momsen may end up in Playboy soon but that seems to be the plan. Best known for her role as Jenny Humphrey on "Gossip Girl," the teenager made national headlines when her band The Pretty Reckless was performing and the under aged Momsen flashed her breasts to a live crowd. The pictures and video quickly went viral and since then, Momsen has been showing up in provocative clothing on stages across the country.

I don't believe she's prone to becoming LiLo as this craziness seems to be a well thought out plan. After all, The Pretty Reckless' debut album, "Light Me Up," debuted at #2 on iTunes the week of its release. We'd love to see her pose for Playboy, once she's of age, but in and out of court like LiLo is just a tragedy.

With Miley growing up and Momsen behind a well schemed plan, it leaves Lovato as the next starlet to fall from grace to become the next Lindsay Lohan. For Lovato's sake, let's hope the stint in rehab is not a recurring one and her gynormous fan base can show its support for Lovato through thick and thin. That type of support can go a long way. Of course, I could be completely wrong which may cause me to enter rehab.

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