Worst Fashions at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards

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The Teen Choice Awards 2012 were held in California last night, and the stars were all smiles as they stepped out into the summer sun. You can always expect the fashions to be a little less daring at the Teen Choice Awards, but that doesn't mean everyone made good choices. Here are five of the worst fashions at the ceremony.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is big news this year since she took her job as a judge on "The X Factor." Lovato's clothing choices are always a little bit "out there," so her dress for the awards was pretty standard for her. However, it wasn't really the dress that was the problem. Her feet looked like they only just fit into her shoes, and squished toes are never a good thing.

Ian Somerhalder

Many of the stars at the Teen Choice Awards opted for quite casual outfits, but Ian Somerhalder may have taken it a bit too far. He chose to wear ordinary jeans and the world's plainest T-shirt which was wrinkled in places. His hair wasn't very tidy either. He looked as though he'd just fallen out of bed and stumbled upon the awards ceremony by mistake.

Cat Deeley

The British-born presenter looked a little scruffy as she posed for the cameras. Her black shirt was unflattering, and seemed to hang off her slim frame. But it was the shiny pants that really killed the outfit. Had they been figure hugging, they might have been okay, but the material made them bunch up in places. Instead of showing off Deeley's long legs, the pants actually made them look much shorter.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is well known for her super sexy outfits on the red carpet. They wouldn't have been suitable for the Teen Choice Awards, but perhaps she went too far in the cutesy direction. Her floral mini dress was quite uncharacteristic for the "Glee" star, and while it was pretty, it just wasn't the style Michele is so well known for.

Rebecca Black

As a teenager, there are so many cute dresses Rebecca Black could have chosen to wear. Instead, she opted for something much weirder. Her black leather skirt would have looked cool if it weren't for the ugly top she wore. She single-handedly proved that black does not go with anything. To make matters worse, the pink tips of her hair clashed horribly with the peach color of her shirt.

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