Worst Dressed Stars at the 2012 Brit Awards

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This writer thinks Adele wasn't looking her best at the Brit awards.

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This writer thinks Adele wasn't looking her best at the Brit awards.

When it comes to attending awards ceremonies, there are some celebrities who always know how to dress. For others, fashion disasters often occur. At the 2012 Brit Awards, it wasn't quite the parade of weird clothing that happened at the Grammys, but some stars came pretty close! Here is a look at four of the worst fashion crimes at the Brits!

Emma Bunton

The former Spice Girl used to be the height of fashion, but you wouldn't think so, judging by what she wore last night. Although see-through lace dresses are all the rage at the moment, there are certain ways to wear them, and Bunton didn't pull it off. The thick, black pantyhose underneath the red lace dress made her look as though she was trying too hard to be fashionable. Neither the color, nor the style looked good on her.

Christina Perri

And the winner of the strangest dress award goes to….Christina Perri! The bottom half of her flowing red gown was gorgeous, but that is where the glamor ended. The problem was that it looked like two different people had made the dress, because the bodice was just plain ugly. Transparent red mesh with ribbon only just covered her assests, and it was her long hair that really spared her blushes! The tattoos on her arms looked messy which is a shame, because she could have looked so much better if she had covered up just a little.

Florence Welch

Florence has obviously never heard the phrase "less is more." She arrived at the Brit Awards in a long, super frilly dress, in pale peach. The only saving grace for the over-decorated monstrosity was the open bottom half, which gave the eyes a break from looking at some much material! On the plus side, Welch's shoes were fabulous, but overall, her look was a definite fashion miss.


Adele is a beautiful woman, but some of the outfits she wears really don't do her any justice. At the Brit Awards, she donned a very boring long black dress, with see through material covering her shoulders and arms. Just because she doesn't fit the stereotype of a skinny pop star, doesn't mean she has to dress like an old lady. It would be wonderful if, just for once, she allowed herself to wear something other than her trademark black, and let her beauty really shine!

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