What the World Can Learn from Jill Scott’s Recent Twitter “Beef”

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Jill Scott

As I traipsed the Internet in search of interesting fodder, I ran across an article on Bossip.com about singer Jill Scott. The article referenced Nicki Minaj's controversial Grammy performance. Apparently, Jill wasn't really feeling the performance and used Twitter to state her opinion. As was to be expected, a swarm of Minaj fans responded with unkind words. You can tell where this is headed. In short, Jill countered each response with a quip of her own. It is this particular collection of Twitter quips that reinforces the notion that even celebrity /fan Twitter beef can present important kernels of wisdom. Perhaps you will agree…

"Why are u so angry?"

This, Jill Tweets after an annoyed fan pokes fun at her weight. Some might consider the response passive-aggressive. But instead of immediately attacking the naysayer, she acknowledges her feelings. Turning attention back to the instigator is a pretty clever move.

Oh, the amusement…

Indeed, someone asks Jill Scott where her music is, and accuses her of "singing in the shower of a homeless shelter." As you attempt to wrap your brain around what this comment means, you begin to feel the telltale signs of a giggle erupting from your abdomen. This apparently happened to Jill. She responds with e-laughter and bluntly asks the accuser: "Where's yours?"

An opinion doesn't signal the end of the world.

One person faults the "Golden" singer for not understanding the meaning behind Nicki Minaj's performance. To this commenter, Scott stands firmly behind her opinion---and doesn't cave into condescension or attempt to appease someone with an opposing view. She does this with just three words: "I saw it."

Don't dish it if you can't take it...

Another squabbler references the number of Jill's Twitter followers (nearly 230,000 at the time) and infers that her albums aren't selling. As such, the "Hate on Me" crooner retorts by pointing out her accuser's 710 followers. Jill took the obvious jab on that one. But in doing so, she emphasizes the absurdity of the comment as a whole.

What Jill's Twitter Beef style says about her...

Her bottom line: one person's opinion doesn't make the world go around, contrary to popular belief. Sometimes people forget that it's ok to actually dislike something. Having an opinion (good or bad) just proves that all your senses are working. To her "haters", Jill Scott found succinct responses that allowed her to maintain self-respect. When targeted about her success in comparison to other singers, she issued the Shut Down Response of all-time: "…I have a career that I love and I don't live in my mom's basement." Another jab? We think so. But the "bite" isn't too personal. That no verbal barbs could sully her happiness is testament to just how thick-skinned she really is. We're not saying that Scott isn't in touch with her darker side. Can Jilly from Philly get gully with it? Quite possibly. She is "Beautifully Human" after all.

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