The World Will Faint If These Celebrities Ever Get Married

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Matthew McConaughey

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Matthew McConaughey

"The View" hostess Sherri Shepherd and several other celebs, have recently announced their marriages. While the rest of Tinseltown goes wedding crazy, some celebrities are completely on the opposite end of the matrimonial spectrum. Although it's quite normal these days for couples to begin families without walking down the aisle, there are some who seem completely oblivious to the notion of marriage. For any number of reasons-whether self-imposed or not---these famous folks are walking antonyms for marriage. Stranger things have happened. But as far as we can tell, these Hollywood personalities will never take a trip to the altar.


Once upon a time, a rumor or two floated about that rap mogul Diddy aka P. Diddy aka Puff Daddy aka Sean Diddy Combs---was engaged to baby-mama Kim Porter. But alas, that wedding never came to pass. And as the tabloids found him cavorting with one or two of his "favorite" ladies (other than the other women with whom he's sired children), it becomes painfully clear that Combs has no intention of ever walking down the aisle. Ever.

Charlize Theron

Here is yet another tall, willowy blonde celebrity who has eschewed marriage. But in Charlize Theron's case, she's confirmed that she's not the slightest bit interested in marriage. And although she's all for long-term commitment (evidenced by her previous romance with actor Stuart Townsend), the marriage bug doesn't seem to have bitten her.

George Clooney

"Dancing with the Stars" alum Stacy Keibler is apparently enjoying a little dalliance with Hollywood's Number One Bachelor, George Clooney. We wonder what the vivacious blonde (nearly 20 years his junior) thinks of his vow against ever walking down the aisle again.

Matthew McConaughey

Now here's a guy who isn't afraid of family and commitment. But for some reason, the desire to make an "honest" woman out of Camila Alves, the mother of his two adorable lambs-Levi, and his little sister Vida---has completely escaped him. In May 2011, Brazilian bombshell Alves implied that she and Matthew would probably never tie the knot.

Cameron Diaz

It's not that Cameron isn't the marrying type. She just seems perpetually happy to either be single or simply "coupled up." Should the eternal surfer girl ever get the itch to tie the knot, the world will certainly take note of her hubby-to-be, as he must be awfully special to snag Hollywood's ultimate Bachelorette.

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