Is Willow Smith Growing Up Too Fast?

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Willow Smith stopped by the 2012 BET Awards to debut the video for her new single, "I Am Me." The song is pretty grown-up for the 11-year-old with lyrics like "Your validation is just not that important to me," and "You have to be yourself. Be real. Be honest. 'Cause ain't nobody got time for that. They really don't."

Pretty grown up words for a young girl.

Nothing this girl does is age-appropriate, though. Her parents, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, allow her and brother Jaden Smith to express themselves in a variety of (grown up) ways.

Wild Clothing Choices

Pinkett-Smith allows her children to dress how they want and young Willow takes this to heart - she's shaved her head and switches up her crazy 'dos on a regular basis.

"She is young, edgy, and individual," Smith's stylist, Rob Zangardi, told US Weekly.

The girl's stylists get specific instructions from Pinkett-Smith to let them dress how they want.

"Jada said upfront that she didn't want us to dress them like standard kids, like with Sesame Street T-shirts. And the kids really like dressing as adults and hope that adults will want to dress like them," one stylist said. "But Jada will put her foot down if there's something she doesn't like, though if the kids really love it, she'll usually let it pass."

We're all about expression, but kids shouldn't dictate how they dress all the time.

Fake Tongue Ring

Clothing is one thing, but a tongue piercing on a child has a whole other connotation. The young singer set tongues wagging last week when she showed off a tongue ring in a Twitpic. Surely Will and Jada wouldn't allow something that grown up, right? Luckily, no.

"It's fake…Sorry," she tweeted back.

Still, we don't think they'd be against if Willow was a bit older.

"She has got to have command of her body," Will Smith said in Parade recently. "So when she goes out into the world, she's going out with a command that is hers."

Just a tip, Willow: Growing up might seem awesome now, but it's not all fun and games. Just take some time to be a kid - we'd trade places with you in a heartbeat (for a day, at least.)

Do you think Willow Smith is growing up too fast?

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