Can Willow Smith Avoid Child Star Curse?

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'Harry's Law' Should Be Illegal, Criminal Abuse of Kathy Bates' Talent

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'Harry's Law' Should Be Illegal, Criminal Abuse of Kathy Bates' Talent

When Willow Smith recently told a music reporter she wanted to "be big and famous like my mommy and daddy?" visions of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato danced in the heads of jaded celebrity watchers. The travails of these girl wonders are like blinking yellow lights, signaling childhood stardom is not all bubblegum and grape juice.

Launched to stardom in "I am Legend" in 2007 followed by "Kit Kittredge: An American Girl" in 2008, Willow (like Madonna, she is becoming known by just her monomym) hit the musical big time and gossipsphere this year with her viral single "Whip My Hair." Only 10 years old, the precocious actress and singing phenom could become as popular in the tweenerverse as Justin Bieber. But unlike, Bieber, who was plucked out of obscurity just two years ago, Willow's pedigree is as fancy as a toy poodle's. The daughter of two of Hollywood's biggest movie stars, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow may have not only inherited her parents' double talent genes, she also has access to their A-list connections.

On Access Hollywood, Willlow waxed as nonchalantly as any diva to Billy Bush and Kit Hoover about her personal hairdresser fussing with her tresses at her home—a far cry from the SuperCuts scene of most girls her age.

Personal hairdresser aside, Willow comes off as refreshingly unspoiled and likeable. She admitted to Billy and Kit that her favorite TV show is "Golden Girls" and seemed okay with the fact her parents keep her in line, rescinding her TV privileges if she loafs too much in front of the tube, for instance.

Still Willow's star is just beginning to soar and, like Lindsay, Britney and Demi before her, who knows if or when it will come crashing down to earth? Even children of celebrities who are not celebrities themselves seem more prone to problems (think Cameron Douglas), living in the shadow of a famous parent. Imagine the plight of Willow and her brothers, Trey and Jaden, growing up in the shadow of two celeb parents?

Of course, not all child stars end up on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." As Buzzsugar points out, some child stars grow up to be relatively normal adults: Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman and Ron Howard to name a few. One thing they had in common was going to college betwixt their child star years and adulthood (Foster to Yale, Portman to Harvard and Howard to USC). If the Smith parental units are smart, they'll make sure Willow studies hard for those SATs.

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