Why Wyclef Jean’s Sexy Birthday Photo Confuses Us

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Why Wyclef Jean’s Sexy Birthday Photo Confuses Us

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Wyclef Jean

In your daily celebrity gossip endeavors, you probably clicked on a page featuring an oiled, muscular young man in tiny trunks, sitting astride a shiny Ducati motorcycle. But this male model isn't selling expensive bikes or swimwear. In fact, it's rapper Wyclef Jean celebrating-well, himself. The former Fugees musician tweeted this photo of himself, striking a rather disturbing chord with fans and critics. Why are we so taken aback by Wyclef's skimpy inclinations?

A Culture Clash

The hip-hop musician, more recently associated with activism, had his Yele Haiti foundation shut down amidst a storm of accusations. The foundation allegedly misappropriated hefty sums of money on things like private chauffeuring and other dubious services. Wyclef vaguely acknowledged some "mistakes," but still faced the heat. Seeing him propped up against a shiny Ducati doesn't exactly fit the image we have of him rescuing people from poverty. Plenty of Hollywood stars contribute to world issues while enjoying their personal toys. But Wyclef's humble philosophies seem to clash with this brazen photo.

"If I Was President"

Clef really did want to be the President of Haiti, yet another mission for which he was criticized. He even wrote a song about it, aptly named "If I Was President." Unfortunately, his New Jersey residency squashed those pursuits. The song defends the efforts of great men like Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King, Jr. and JFK - "rebel music."

But there is perhaps nothing more rebellious than seeing your country's President straddling a red, white and blue motorcycle in a Speedo. Indeed, Wyclef's unabashed image is a curious one to associate with Presidential ambitions, no matter how patriotic that Ducati looks.

Setting the Scene…

There's nothing wrong with men being proud of their healthy physiques -- especially those in their 40s -- who champion a good diet and exercise. We're glad that Jean has managed to harness the spirit and physique of a 26-year-old. He's apparently done a good job of it. But we have questions about the scene before us.

We're wondering why he chose a pair of Speedos to document this particular moment. Did he select a matching pair on purpose? Why is he in the driveway? Furthermore, why is it wet? Can the neighbors see him? And who agreed to take the picture? Nonetheless, the answers to these questions may cause greater mental angst than we could imagine.

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