Why Tom Cruise Should Date Demi Moore

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Why Tom Cruise Should Date Demi Moore

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Tom Cruise, Demi Moore

Tom Cruise doesn't seem to be hitting a rough patch lately. If he's not fending off drunken trespassers on his property, he's fielding lawsuits over the alleged "abandonment" of his 6-year-old daughter Suri. In fact, sources claim that the "Mission Impossible" star's divorce has left him in an awkward place. Many feel the same way about Demi Moore, who despite moving on, still seems to be having a hard time with her split from ex-hubby Ashton Kutcher. You might even say that for several reasons, they make excellent romantic candidates for one another. See if you agree…

They're both still hot.

Though each has been accused of struggling with growing older, they're both still considered one of Hollywood's hottest commodities and spend both time and money to make sure that they stay "fresh" in the public eye. Seeing them on the red carpet together would probably be a royal treat.

They're the same age.

Both Hollywood stars hit the half-century mark in 2012. But in addition to that, each has recently ended a marriage with spouses who are younger and also happen to be the same age. The coincidences between Moore and Cruise are uncanny. Even if no real connection develops, the two can at least compare notes.

There are rumors that he's leaving Scientology.

Rumors are swirling that Tom may be leaving Scientology behind. While many think it's unlikely, it's been reported that he's rethinking his position in the church. Even if the story is false, he's been a member of the church so long that he's probably retained plenty of "skills" that might help Demi stay on track.

Mila Kunis Pregnant?

Sources close to Demi insist that she's still having a hard time dealing with Ashton's new relationship. With rumors spreading that Mila Kunis may be expecting, she could benefit from the kind of distraction that dating Tom Cruise would create. Mila may be shutting down stories of an impending baby bump, but if one had to compare these two possible stories, a Demi and Tom romance would likely trump Ashton's future child.

They've got history.

Like Ashton and Mila, she and Tom have a history together on screen, starring in "A Few Good Men" in 1992. They might not have spent years together on a sitcom, but they both understand the business and have longevity in it.

Three Marriages and Three Kids

The two A-listers have a few other things in common. Both have three marriages under their belts. And they are both parents of three adult children. Moore has three young ladies with ex, Bruce Willis. Tom's kids, Isabella and Connor are all grown up; and Suri has basically been an "adult" since birth.

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