Why Seth MacFarlane is a Great Choice for Oscar Host

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Seth MacFarlane’s Cringeworthy Night at the Oscars

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Seth MacFarlane

Possibly the best host casting in years, Seth MacFarlane is now officially the host for the 2013 Academy Award ceremony, to be held at the newly minted Dolby Theater in Hollywood. After a few unimpressive years -- Anne Hathaway and James Franco's odd pairing followed by Billy Crystal's underwhelming return -- putting the "Family Guy" creator in the driver's seat could reinvigorate the show and make for a fantastic evening. Here's why Seth MacFarlane will be great as the next Academy Awards host.

He's been a great host before

Seth has served as "Roastmaster" for not one, but two of the Comedy Central roasting specials. Running the ceremony for both Charlie Sheen and David Hasselhoff, he proved that he can control a room -- even one filled with vengeful, nasty comics poking fun at each other. Add in his recent successful gig as host for the season opener of "Saturday Night Live" and it is clear why this funny man has secured the job for the Oscars.

He has a great voice

MacFarlane's crooner-style voice is perfect for the award's opening number. What is fitting about the man who released an album of jazz standards is that he has the vocal abilities to stand up to Hugh Jackman along with the comedic timing of Billy Crystal -- combining both can make for a legendary performance of the show's famous opening number. No doubt will the guy who sings most of the songs on "Family Guy" deliver a knock-out punch to start the night's ceremony.

He writes great comedy

Millions of fans and viewers know that Seth MacFarlane knows how to write a joke just as well as he delivers it. He proved his brand of humor could translate from television to film, in the very successful "Ted" this year, and now the film's writer-director gets to take his comic style to the elite of Hollywood. Having a host in the trenches of script writing and adapting to a live broadcast will make for a lively and authentic performance, one without the feeling of teleprompter reading and that sometimes underlying sense of shame when a host delivers a joke he or she clearly did not write nor thinks is funny.

Many may worry that Seth MacFarlane will use the Oscar broadcast to pull out his Stewie or Peter Griffin voices, or simply promote his animated shows, but most know that he takes movies seriously and will deliver a solid night of hosting worthy of the biggest night in Hollywood. This choice of hosts for the famous telecast is on par to deliver the type of jaw-dropping, attention-getting telecast that the show so sorely needs. This could very well be the start of the next staple in the Oscar telecast pantheon, putting him in a category with the likes of Billy Crystal and Bob Hope. Sound off below on your thoughts about the choice to make Seth MacFarlane the host of this year's illustrious Academy Awards ceremony.

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