Why the Rihanna Vs. Rita Ora “Feud” is Ultimately Silly

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On the heels of the Grammys, a new artist from Jay-Z's camp has come along to upset the masses who have become diehard Rihanna fans: Rita Ora. As this cute little blonde bombshell bounds out of the woodworks, we're automatically interested. Who is this new chick? And what is all the fuss? Furthermore, what's the real story behind the supposed beef between Ora and the "Take a Bow" singer? Take a closer look at all the press they've been getting and see if you don't agree with these conspiracy theories. Perhaps newcomer Rita Ora isn't really a threat after all. (Here's why not…)

Rihanna will always have fans.

Are we really ready for a new Rihanna? We're not quite done with the old one yet. If people think that Jay-Z brought Rita Ora on board as a pop chart replacement to Rihanna, they might want to think again. If this "new Rihanna" sounds anything like the original, fans may grow leery of the label and of any new artists who come to the forefront.

Is there yet a deeper plan for Rita Ora?

Consider Pink's humble R&B beginnings. We liked the funky, fuchsia-haired chanteuse. But as time progressed we watched her evolve into a more universal rock songstress. Maybe that was the plan all along. The same just might be true for Rita Ora. How better to steer her course into alternative waters than by promoting beef between two hot female artists? It has been rumored that she's meant to be a form of competition for pop rocker Katy Perry. If Jay-Z is planning on steering Rita away from urban territory, this would be a sneaky way to do it.

What if Rih Rih's song dispute isn't real?

But if you really want to run away with conspiracy theories, you'll consider that the song rivalry too, may also be a sham. Although reports indicate that Rih is angry that a single meant for her was given to Ora, how are we to know that the song wasn't written and produced for the sake of controversy? Here also lies the potential to create interest in a song that might have otherwise gone relatively unnoticed.

Some clues we might have missed…

The "Birthday Cake" singer never fails to keep fans guessing, especially when it comes to hair color. As soon as we got used to her fruity red hue, she mellowed out into chestnut brown. The color du jour is now blonde. But is it possible that Rihanna went blonde because Rita Ora was coming down the pike? If this was the case, we could assume that Rih horned in on the blonde explosion so that people would think Ora was copying the "Rude Boy" princess…setting the stage for false beef. Hmmm…

Why would they do something like that?

Yeah, these ideas are far-fetched and probably untrue more so than the stories currently being printed about this alleged feud between Rihanna and Jay. Nonetheless, the more you promote an alleged beef between the two, the more interest you'll have in the new artist. Does she really sound like Rihanna? Do I like the way she sounds? Is she better? The answer won't really matter if this whole thing was a conspiracy after all. You've already been hooked. Now everything that Rita Ora releases will be up for scrutiny. And these days, Scrutiny = Big Dollars.

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