Why We’re Not Moved by Jessica Simpson’s Pregnant Nude Photo

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Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson

We could easily say that Jessica Simpson's pregnant nude Elle magazine cover comes a little too conveniently on the heels of Vanessa Minnillo's baby news. But tongues are wagging for entirely different reasons. As we watch Jess assume this now infamous position in her photo shoot, a few questions pop into our heads. Why would she join the bandwagon of nude celeb mommies? Was the shoot a "calculated" move? In any event, Jessica---perhaps in an attempt to make a profound statement has done the opposite. We're happy for the "Price of Beauty" reality star. But her nude appearance on Elle's cover impresses less than we'd imagined.

We've become jaded by copycat behavior.

This is one Hollywood trend that has simply lost steam. As it stands, dozens of celebs have followed Demi Moore's lead in the pregnant photo department. Nude flesh with the sensitive bits aptly hidden, a coy smile, and a catchy headline. The point has been made: motherhood is lovely and should be celebrated. While Jess looks just as lovely as the others, the cover itself simply doesn't impress us.

The "Demi Moore" effect fails to deliver.

And speaking of Demi Moore, we must acknowledge that Jessica Simpson's Elle magazine cover just doesn't have the same effect as Moore's appearance on Vanity Fair (photographed by Annie Leibovitz). Perhaps we wouldn't have even made the comparison if the covers weren't nearly identical.

As we compare the two, we see that Demi's was considerably more "artistic" in its lighting and placement. The pop singer's prominent, heavily airbrushed image is pretty. But Demi's majestic expression is also what stamped her picture in pop culture history.

It seems like Jessica's been pregnant forever.

Doesn't it seem like the bride-to-be has been pregnant for a rather long time? This is probably because we've been unfairly teasing her about her weight off and on for a few years. On occasion, we previously wondered whether she was carrying a little one. By the time we realized that she was really pregnant, we'd lost interest. As such, seeing her nude image in its most ripened state fails to stir us.

We'd rather see her pregnant paparazzi pics.

You've got to admit that Jessica's "accidental and impromptu" appearances about town are infinitely more interesting than her nude Elle photo shoot. In the pap pics, she's practically glowing---happy, smiling, and rocking some killer mommy-to-be threads. In short, we don't really need to see a nude pregnant portrait to see how proud she is to be an expectant mom.

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