Why Minka Kelly is Not the Sexiest Woman Alive

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Opinion: Health Care the Focus of Political Concerns

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Esquire Magazine recently named Minka Kelly the sexiest woman alive. If you're wondering who Minka Kelly is, you're not alone--the actress is by no means an A-list celebrity, although the Esquire recognition may be a powerful boost for her career.

But is she the sexiest woman alive? Nah, not really. Sexy, sure. Attractive, well, very. Worthy of a Google image search? You've already got another tab open in your Internet browser.

Here are a few reasons why Minka Kelly doesn't quite deserve the title of the sexiest woman alive.

She's dating Derek Jeter. Any baseball fan knows that Derek Jeter is a stand up guy, a professional, and a dependable baseball player. That's exactly why he's so hated by baseball fans who aren't Yankees fans. The guy's got an impeccable reputation, and you just get a smug feeling from everything associated with him. Granted, Minka Kelly can't be faulted for dating him, but it kind of makes her unapproachable for the majority of guys who look like Bela Legosi after a bender. Kelly's whole appeal is sort of a girl-next-door kind of thing; take that away and much of her allure goes with it.

Christina Hendricks is still alive. If the title of "sexiest woman alive" were anything like the title of Highlander, Christina Hendricks would be cutting off Minka Kelly's head with a broadsword right now. Hendricks is red hot, red haired, and powerful in both looks and brains. Her role on "Mad Men" is consistently entertaining and thought provoking, and to be honest, she simply has a lot more going on for her right now than Minka Kelly. While Kelly is in "Parenthood" and had a role in "Friday Night Lights," neither of those shows are on "Mad Men's" level and this was Hendricks' year.

If that's not enough to convince you, though, here's an MTV article which features Ms. Hendricks in a tight jungle print dress. Come on, now.

She had a video slumber party with hot women. These women included Emily Deschanel, Alyson Hannigan, Minka Kelly and Jaime King. And they touched each other. And it's on video. What kind of a woman would be part of such an exploitative....oh, it was a PSA for breast cancer awareness?

Well, I bet it wasn't very funny. I'll just casually watch it for a minute and get back to writing this article.

Huh. Actually, maybe there's something to this whole Minka Kelly thing.

Do you think that Minka Kelly deserves the title of sexiest woman alive? Post below.

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