Why Marc Anthony’s Kissing Photo Creeps Us Out

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Marc Anthony

Surprise! Surprise! A photo of Marc Anthony kissing his girlfriend, Shannon De Lima has popped up online. He's recently made headlines--parading his lovely modeling damsel in front of every camera known to man. And while we're not surprised that Marc's in the company of a beautiful woman, this photo is tinged with a creepiness that is hard to shake. Why does this fairly innocuous little gesture make our skin crawl? (Too much?) In any case, here are a few ideas…

Both of their eyes are open.

Kisses are meant to be captured within quiet, sensual moments filled with images of doves, sugary sunsets, and violins playing the background. Not shoved up against gooey love notes on Twitter.

Who takes kissing photos anyway?

We get the cuteness of it all. We like each other. We're in love. We're on vacation, having a blast-wish you were here. We get it. So, yes in a way---kissing pics can be fun. But Anthony's photo with Shannon says something kind of different. And we're not sure we like what it is.

His eyes are totally saying: "Look at me, Jen!"

Take a look at this picture and you'll probably agree that right after the kiss, Marc broke out into a melody of "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo" and stuck his tongue out at the camera. Not the most masculine of responses to the sting of seeing your wife and kids frolicking with a "teenager."

Shannon De Lima = 24 years old = Casper Smart

There is something terribly wrong with the implications of this little equation. That Marc Anthony just happens to be dating a hot Venezuelan model that is exactly the same age as his wife's lover---might not really be a coincidence. We'd hope that adults in their 40s wouldn't feel compelled to compete with each other's love lives. But anything can happen…

Why the blatant showing off?

We're all grown-ups and understand that separated couples usually have something waiting in the wings. To us, these "easy transitions" into new relationships happen at the drop of a dime. We don't realize that the breaking news is only news to us. More than likely, the unofficial split occurred months, even years before. We can't say that Marc's kissy moment with Shannon De Lima isn't perfectly legit. But if it isn't, that's pretty creepy.

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