Why Lindsay Lohan’s Leaked Playboy Pics Were Such a Big Deal

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Lindsay Lohan at Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show Sept. 9 2011

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Lindsay Lohan at Cynthia Rowley Fashion Show Sept. 9 2011

Lindsay Lohan is certainly a hot topic these days, more specifically her leaked Playboy pics. Now that the issues have officially hit stands, we've got to wonder why we made such a big fuss over this particular Playboy shoot. Perhaps it's because Lohan has been in so much trouble with the law. Maybe it's this interesting return to society that makes leaked pics such important news. It's also been reported that Lindsay will rake in about a cool $1 million for her Playboy spread. Yep, that's certainly newsworthy. But here are some other theories as to why the topic is burning up search engines.

The whole Marilyn thing...

The funny thing is that Lindsay actually does have a certain Marilynesque thing going on. And the styling for this shoot has apparently played heavily upon Monroe's famous sex kitten side. But Lohan's latest Playboy stint isn't the first time the actress has embraced the legendary star. In 2008, she channeled Marilyn's 'Last Sitting' shoot with photographer Bert Stern. Lindsay's dreamy pics were surprisingly accurate in their ruddy sex appeal and surreal interpretation.

We're curious about her figure.

Lately, the troubled actress has appeared pretty healthy. But in the past, she's "embraced her curves," and has also been criticized for being too thin, too pale, too something. Now we've been afforded the opportunity to see how much (or how little) editors will Photoshop Lohan's exposed bod.

We love "leaks."

You've got to be leery when you see the word "leak" online. Some of these "accidentally on purpose" secret disclosures have taken on new life in Hollywood. That Lindsay's Playboy cover hit the Internet before copies hit stands shouldn't be that shocking. The question we should be asking ourselves is, what took so long? When you see the words 'Lindsay Lohan' and 'Playboy' in the same sentence, we would have expected leaked pictures to surface while LiLo is still in the make-up chair.

Oh yeah, about that million dollars…

In an interview, rapper 50 Cent was asked his opinion about Lindsay's shoot, and brought up an interesting question. Since the "Georgia Rules" star scooped up so much cash merely to take her clothes off, what does that say about the millions of strippers who undress for less? "Fiddy's" philosophical spin on the situation does shed fascinating light on the subject.

Why have Lindsay Lohan's photos created such a big stir? This isn't even the first time a celeb has been offered a million bucks to take it off for Hugh Hefner's infamous publication. Jennifer Aniston was offered four times that amount to show off her goodies. The same thing goes for singer Ashlee Simpson. And during their run in 2007's "Blonde and Blonder" Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson were offered $1 million for a shoot together. None of these photos ever came to light. Alas, "excited" fans (like 50 Cent) that have picked up one of Lohan's issues are probably making that $1 million price tag worth it.

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