Why Lindsay Lohan’s AmFar Red Carpet Look Disturbs Us

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Lindsay Lohan attending her probation hearing in July 2010

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Lindsay Lohan attending her probation hearing in July 2010

Sigh. She can't seem to stay out of the news. Yes, that would be Lindsay Lohan, Hollywood's "Most Troubled" Celebutante. But instead of being regaled by details about some sort of court proceedings, we've taken note of her recent appearance on amFAR's red carpet. Her Vision in White presentation is burning up the search engines. And not necessarily in a good way. Lindsay isn't new to Tinseltown's Worst Dressed celebrity lists. But for reason we're making a big to-do about the Lohan's "white dress mess." Why are we so disturbed by her amFAR red carpet look?

The Hair

Weaves, wigs, clip-ins, extensions. We're used to all these contraptions. But whatever is going on with Lindsay's bleachy mane seems a bit extreme for the occasion. Call it extreme Barbie fever, or a bit of Marilyn gone Mad. It very well might be the froth of bang obscuring her hazy peepers that bugs us so much. In any case, LiLo's choice of hairdo ignites immediate red flags.

The Outfit…

Let the record show that under any other circumstances, this white Tom Ford dress would perhaps make a stunning statement on the red carpet. However, as part of Lindsay's constructed ensemble, we're having a little trouble being convinced it was the right pick for the evening. One might think that such a "benign" dress deserves some oomph in the foot department. But as our eyes traveled down Lindsay's calves, we were left disappointed. A pair of Prada pumps more suited to a Saturday jaunt with the girls adorned her feet. They're not bad shoes. They just seem like more of an afterthought than an actual part of the outfit.

Something else

Considering all that she's been through in and out of the courtroom, it's no wonder that she's under a lot of scrutiny. We can cut her slack when fans and paps go a little too far to glean fodder for gossip rags. But in the minds of fashion critics, this blatant faux pas on the red carpet is cause for concern.

For in its haphazard display there could lay the kernels of trouble. Or at least that's what we might wonder when we capture a glimpse of that glazed stare. We contemplate if somewhere beneath the pasty make-up there are signs of potential distress. After all, we'll use just about any viable clue to assume that a troubled star is headed on down the spiral.

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