Why Kara DioGuardi is the Perfect Pick to Keep 'Platinum Hit' Topping TV Charts

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Why Kara DioGuardi is the Perfect Pick to Keep 'Platinum Hit' Topping TV Charts

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Kara Diogaurdi is the perfect lady to keep her reality shows on top.

At a time when it seems as though the airwaves are overrun with reality talent competitions -- "American Idol," "Dancing With the Stars" and "X Factor" are just a few of the many televised star searches on television -- the decision for Bravo to launch "Platinum Hit," may seem an odd one.

However, Bravo can be confident that "Platinum Hit" will stand out from the crowd for a number of reasons, such as the fact that the head judge will be Kara DioGuardi. This talented songwriter, singer, producer and pretty-much-everything-else in music is a great choice for the show and will surely figure significantly in the success of Bravo's new show. What makes DioGuardi such a great pick for ensuring this show will have staying power? A number of reasons.

DioGuardi Has Experience: As talented as "American Idol" judges such as Steven Tyler may be, they aren't experienced in this capacity. DioGuardi, however, has been in a similar situation before, as she was a judge on ABC's short-lived "The One: Making a Music Star." While that show didn't last, other executives took notice of the musical mistress and she was tapped for a judging position on "American Idol"; it would be difficult to top a resume like that for a job such as head judge on "Platinum Hit."

DioGuardi Knows What Music Makes It: In addition to her involvement behind the judge's table on "American Idol," this singer-songwriter has interacted directly with the show's biggest stars in a way very few other can claim -- she wrote their music! DioGuardi will know which talents to pick to keep viewers tuning in to "Platinum Hit" because she has penned some platinum hits herself, including writing songs performed by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson and David Archuleta. Due to her insight into the songwriting style required in this industry, DioGuardi will ideal for understanding which performers have the "it" factor.

DioGuardi Understands the Industry As a Whole: It's undeniable that professional performers have insight into the music industry. However, DioGuardi will be able to give "Platinum Hit" a distinct edge because her understanding isn't just limited to what happens when one hits the stage. Instead, DioGuardi can provide insight into the entire scope of being a musician, because she has worked as a producer, publisher, songwriter, performer, talent development executive and, last but not least, a television personality. DioGuardi is familiar with the poise and the talent it takes to make it big, so she will be able to pick out contestants with which America will want to relate. This will lead to viewer loyalty and ultimately, the longevity of "Platinum Hit."

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