Why Some Italians Want to Throw Meatballs at Snooki

Is 'Jersey Shore' Too Saucy for Italy?

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Snooki of "Jersey Shore," America's latest export to Italy

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Snooki of "Jersey Shore," America's latest export to Italy

That's Italian? No way! That's what some Italians are saying about the cast of "Jersey Shore," whose guidos and guidettes make the frat boys from "Animal House" look like backwoods Boy Scouts. With Season 4 of "Jersey Shore" set to be shot in Italy, some Italians are ready to say "ciao" to Snooki, The Situation, and the rest of the "Jersey Shore" gang before the perpetual partyers put away their first pizza.

According to Eonline, Italian natives are worried the wild and crazy Italian-Americans cast members of "Jersey Shore" will tarnish the image of European Italians abroad. When the show recently premiered in Italy, one Italian journalist disdainfully described the cast as depicting "the worst stereotypes of Italians, multiplied by thousands and Americanized."

It's true that Snooki and the gang get into situations that could embarrass almost any ethnic group. In just one typical episode of the show, a smashed Snooki, clad in a tee-shirt that says "slut," is arrested on the beach for disorderly conduct, while pal JWoww pees on the floor and tries to disguise the smell by splashing water on the puddle. Such boorish behavior hardly stirs up the national pride one feels when watching, say, the Olympics.

Meanwhile, the men of "Jersey Shore" are not much better examples of America's youth or education system. About the upcoming season in Italy, Pauly D told MTV.com, ""I'm nervous, I'm not gonna lie . . . . I don't know what gyms are like over there, I don't know what tanning's like, I don't know the food, and the language — I don't even speak Italian. Maybe I should get a Rosetta Stone or something." Whether Pauly was referring to the ancient stone or the popular language-learning software is hard to say.

Between the excessive smooshing and women bashing (think: grenades and landmines) and the vacuous lifestyle of the cast, "Jersey Shore" is one of America's least distinguished exports since American cheese. But does it deserve to be bashed by Italians when the country's own prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi, is on trial for paying to have sex with an underage prostitute?

Perhaps. Just as you can't judge the United States by the peccadillo's of its politicians, it may be unfair to judge Italy by the indiscretions of its prime minister. If the cast of "Jersey Shore" makes even Italians cringe, maybe MTV and "Jersey Shore" fans should ask themselves why this doltish depiction of Italian-Americans is still on the air.

What do you think? Does "Jersey Shore" deserve to be dissed by Italians?

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