Why Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Makes Us Uncomfortable

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Why Hulk Hogan’s Sex Tape Makes Us Uncomfortable

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Hulk Hogan

Admit it. You were probably hoping that by now, reports of Hulk Hogan's 2006 sex tape with Heather Clem would have died away. Unfortunately that isn't so. Hulk continues to make news with his naughty romp. Speaking about it publicly, he deemed the encounter a "low point in his life." Nonetheless, it seems that this is one tawdry tale that isn't going anywhere for the moment. Hollywood has no shortage of sex tapes. But for a few reasons, hearing about Hogan's extracurricular activities rubs us the wrong way.

He was still married to Linda Hogan at the time.

Tommy Lee was married to Pam during their filmed frolic. Kim Kardashian's leading man was ex-boyfriend, Ray J. Colin Farrell, who was attached to former girlfriend, Playboy model Nicole Narain. For all intents and purposes, many of Hollywood's most popular sex tape "stars" actually shared a solid romantic connection that went beyond the bedroom. Hulk admits that when the tape was made, he was still married to Linda. And even though he claims their rocky union was headed for an end, his filmed infidelity makes the situation that much more difficult to swallow.

The suntan oil-rubbing incident still lingers in our minds.

In 2008, cameras caught Hulk Hogan rubbing suntan lotion on his then 19-year-old daughter, Brooke's posterior region. Both insisted the act was innocent; others didn't quite view it that way. Whether the impromptu massage was really inappropriate is subjective. In any event, seeing the Hulk parading around in his birthday suit in a sex tape doesn't exactly score him extra points for appropriateness.

Business As Usual?

Hulk admits that his friend, Bubba the Love Sponge (who was married to Heather) endorsed this little romp. Some might even say the filmed exchange seemed like a business arrangement. "You guys do your thing," Bubba reportedly says off-camera in a (NSFW) clip leaked online. He then remarks that he'll be in his office if they need him. We know that Hollywood is filled with all sorts of intimate "arrangements" amongst consenting adults. But some people still have difficulty accepting "alternative" lifestyles.

Even Hogan's sex partner is "embarrassed" by the whole thing.

According to sources, the wrestler's alleged mistress is traumatized by the whole ordeal - and being linked sexually to Hogan in particular. But as the sordid affair unfolds in the press, more details are revealed. Was Clem actually in on the secret filming? Did Bubba really set up his pal, hoping to cash in big time later? At this juncture, it seems that Heather wishes everyone would just stop talking about it altogether. Perhaps she's onto something.

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