Why Hailie Mathers’ Taylor Swift Twitter Insults Made News Headlines

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Why Hailie Mathers’ Taylor Swift Twitter Insults Made News Headlines

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Eminem's 16-year-old offspring Hailie Mathers is regretful of her harsh Twitter comments she unleashed upon pop princess Taylor Swift. In response to Swift's apparent courtship with One Direction singer Harry Styles, Mathers said a few things she wished she hadn't and wonders why her tweets even made "news" headlines in the first place. That question is perhaps easily answered.

The language…

Mathers is confused about the hoopla her comments created online. "Please stop whoring around with every guy you see," is most likely the tweet that got everyone's attention. Although Taylor isn't exactly considered Hollywood's sexiest femme fatale, her list of suitors makes her a celebrity of interest. Teenagers like Hailie are known for their impulsive responses and this particular tweet was no exception. But her "unkind" verbiage simply reminds us of Taylor's many unfortunate dating experiences.

She's Eminem's daughter.

One of the main reasons people clicked on headlines featuring Mathers is fairly obvious: she's rapper Eminem's daughter. The "Slim Shady" star is infamous for being one of the most controversial personalities in rap music. Surely, anything his daughter says must follow suit. At least, that's what we believed when we saw her name attached to Swift's.

The Harry Styles angle…

We've also failed to acknowledge the real source of Mathers' online rant: This 16-year-old, like many others, is hopelessly in love with Harry Styles, The One Direction star has become one of the industry's fastest rising pop stars. "If @taylorswift13 is really dating the love of my life @harry_styles i will not be happy," the teen exclaimed on Twitter. In fact, millions of young girls are ticked off that he's having sleepovers with the country crooner. At this juncture, anything pertaining to this young man will attract the masses by default.

Romance vs. Record sales

Although swarms of Taylor's fans defended her against Hailie's jealous tirade, we're still left wondering about her other comments. "We all know you're only doing it so you can make another album," the rapper's teen daughter spouted on the social network. But she isn't the first to observe the country star's penchant for using her failed romances as musical source material. The "Fifteen" singer has frequently come under fire for blasting her unnamed former suitors in song. Like Hailie, some may feel that Styles will ultimately become just another song title on her next hit record. The success of her album "Red" appears to support this theory. As long as Taylor makes headlines with her impressive record sales, her love life will continue to draw attention.

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