Why We Can Excuse Tori Spelling's Wild Wedding Behavior

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Why We Can Excuse Tori Spelling's Wild Wedding Behavior

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Tori Spelling

Things got a little out of hand at a wedding actress Tori Spelling recently attended. According to Tori's blog, EdiTORIal, she let the good times roll at a pal's wedding! In fact, the normally buttoned up mother of four says she was a "Mom Gone Wild" and might have even had a little too much too drink. Sure her behavior may come as a surprise to her fans, but here's why the former "90210" star gets a pass.

Shannen Doherty got a head start.

During "Beverly Hills, 90210's" initial run, Spelling spent much of the time perfecting her innocent high school character. Jennie Garth was the show's resident "it" girl. Shannen Doherty took the crown as the program's wild card and problem child. Now that their "90210" years are behind them, Tori can finally shed that naive image with a little sloppy fun.

She's always pregnant.

Tori may be proud of her growing breed, but without a baby bump, she can actually see her feet; she can walk without panting, and can finally pickle herself in Pinot Grigio if she so chooses. It's likely that Spelling is merely relieved not to be pregnant; she couldn't help but to over-indulge.

She's got good reason to celebrate.

In October, the newly anointed author admitted that her last pregnancy was particularly difficult. Diagnosed with placenta previa, Tori required 4 months' bed rest but ultimately delivered a healthy son named Finn. The scary moments behind her, Spelling could say that's a great reason to let her hair down.

"Just a dab of dirt will do ya…"

In Hollywood, it helps to get a little dirty in order to stay relevant. That said, Tori's good times were ultimately harmless (or so we believe). She went a bit wild at a wedding; but nothing particularly seedy took place. However, for some reason thinking about this celeb mom indulging in sorority girl tomfoolery peaks our interest.

She's keeping it real.

The blog, in all its over-sharing glory, reveals that she understands the delicate balance between being a mom and being a woman. The debauchery may not be everyone's cup of tea for that transition, but for the mom of four, the indulgence isn't a lifestyle. We like that she acknowledged her need to blow off steam, and also the repercussions of hitting it a little too hard.

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