Why Did Amanda Bynes Make Miley Cyrus Her Latest Twitter Target?

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Why Did Amanda Bynes Make Miley Cyrus Her Latest Twitter Target?

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Amanda Bynes called Miley Cyrus ugly

Amanda Bynes just can't stop labeling people "ugly" on Twitter. So why did she make "We Can't Stop" singer Miley Cyrus the latest target of the insult that she loves so much?

On Tuesday night, Bynes took to the social media site to send Miley this simple message: "Ur ugly @mileycyrus." Miley probably shouldn't feel too insulted since Amanda has also used her favorite word to describe lovely ladies like Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen.

Maybe Amanda suddenly lashed out at Miley because of an old tween TV turf war -- the "All That" actress made a name for herself on Nickelodeon while the "Hannah Montana" star became a big hit on the Disney Channel. Or perhaps we're detecting a touch of jealousy in Amanda's tweet.

Miley has plenty going for her for Amanda to be jealous of. Miley might be engaged to Liam Hemsworth, and Amanda recently made it known that she thinks that "The Hunger Games" hottie is "the most gorgeous man on the face of the earth other than Tanz Watson." As Us Weekly points out, Tanz is also connected to Miley -- he starred alongside her in the 2012 movie "LOL."

Amanda might also resent the way Miley rocks her short blonde locks because she's not brave enough to embrace her similar pixie cut. While Miley has a "short hair, don't care" attitude, Amanda has been wearing wigs to cover up her lopped-off locks. However, she couldn't hide her shorn head in her mug shot, and her May arrest had her more worried about how she's going to keep her hair covered than how she's going to get her life back on the right track. According to Access Hollywood, she tweeted about her wig woes, "I need Nicki Minaj's wig person stat! :P"

Speaking of Amanda's love of tweeting her life away, perhaps she dissed Miley because the singer was getting so much attention on the social media site on Tuesday night. According to OK! Magazine, a nude photo was making the rounds that featured a girl resembling Miley with wings tattooed on her butt. The pic was being passed around so much that Miley felt the need to address it. "I did NOT get a tattoo of wings on my a** hahaha," she wrote. She then added this hashtag as an afterthought: "#notTHATratchet."

Amanda's jealousy could also stem from Miley's music career, but "The Amanda Show" star is in luck if this is the case -- according to Radar Online, Chinga Chang Records has offered Bynes a record deal. Amanda might already be on board, because she tweeted this shortly after her Miley attack: "I'm so looking forward to recording my album and going on tour! I can't wait to see you all at my concerts!"

So do you think that she'll also twerk hard to promote her music?

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