Why Conor Kennedy Won’t Get His Own Taylor Swift Break-Up Song

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Why Conor Kennedy Won’t Get His Own Taylor Swift Break-Up Song

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's summer-long romance with Conor Kennedy has come to an end. Some were counting down the days until the high-profile teen became the inspiration for a new set of break-up songs. But it's likely that Conor has escaped the ultimate fate of the other anonymous male muses. Here's why…

Summer Fling?

We are failing to consider that the "Fifteen" singer and her hunky high schooler were just experiencing an intense summer fling. Their romance barely skimmed the four month mark. They're both very young. Young people are prone to whirlwind summer romances. But now it's back to business.

Taking a Break?

Break-ups in Hollywood are often just as temporary as the romances themselves. Everyone knows that Taylor is an uncompromising romantic. It's not entirely outrageous to believe she's hoping to have a "rom-com ending" with Conor, complete with teary reunion. They've reached their expected expiration date. But a reconciliation might not be out of the question. Don't be surprised if sometime in the future he pops up to escort her down the red carpet.

She still hasn't given up on that property.

TMZ.com claims that Swift is still planning on purchasing a mansion near the Kennedy clan. There's no word yet on whether she plans on camping out in the new digs. But even if she and Conor are over for good, she apparently loves his grandmother, Ethel and would probably live there anyway.

Rumor has it that she ended things with Conor.

You could say the "Mean" star's experiences with older Hollywood types tell all. Did Taylor's fast track to love scare her young Kennedy away? Some think that she's the one who ended it - which would validate the theory that she pulled a cougar move on Conor to establish more control in her romance. In any case, his future plans are likely no match for her hectic schedule as a pop princess. If she ended their dalliance, she might not feel compelled to take musical revenge.

Has she moved on already?

Although her new album, Red is chock full of romantic scenarios past, she's obviously kept herself open to the next big love. Rumors that she's "gotten close" to tour mate Ed Sheeran are gaining steam. It's probable that by the time the buzz from this album fizzles, she will have a new beau; Conor will be old news.

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