Why Casting Chloe Sevigny on 'American Horror Story' Really Rocks

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As the debut of F/X's second season of "American Horror Story" looms near, the world is getting acquainted with some of the names appearing in the cast. Reportedly in that line-up is actress Chloe Sevigny. To most, she is the indie movie queen. Sevigny is the type of actress that both mainstream and independent filmmakers love; on one hand, she's as malleable as clay, perfect for TV roles and teen-friendly films. On the other hand, she possesses the sort of aloof on-camera vulnerability that makes her a definite wild card on the indie scene. With names like Franke Potenta and Adam Levine also joining Sevigny's , the possibilities for TV weirdness are practically endless.

Her independent movie skills will be an asset.

On "American Horror Story", it's said that she's portraying a nymphomaniac. Not exactly one to be typecast, the actress is no stranger to sexy roles. She burst onto that scene in 1995 when Larry Clark cast her in "Kids". The film's hard-core look at teen life made some viewers skittish. But Chloe handled the heavy themes with finesse. Over time, she would prove that playing intuitive, troubled, sensual, and introspective characters is easy as pie. Turns in films like "The Brown Bunny" and "Gummo" are proof of that.

She's got experience with bringing the past into the present.

Fans of the show should note that the next season will have a period setting. This too, could be a plus for the "Big Love" star as she's had a little practice working it out in another decade. In "The Last Days of Disco" she was a trendy college grad in the early 80s. She also spent time in the 80s as Christian Bale's mousy secretary in 2000's "American Psycho".

Chloe vs. Jessica: Showdowns to remember?

If the rumors are true, Sevigny will also be playing Jessica Lange's nemesis. Lange's creepy, slinky presence on the show is definitely one of the things that makes it work. Show execs must think so, as she is one of the few actors from Season 1 to return to the cast. With Chloe's sardonic acting style and biting wit, the witty repartee between her and Jessica is sure to be a treat.

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