Why Bristol Palin is Really Returning to 'Dancing with the Stars'

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Bristol Palin is taking a second twirl around the "Dancing with the Stars" ballroom floor. Named as one of the show's "All Star" contestants, she'll join 11 returning DWTS competitors. But she wants the world to know that she's not doing it to promote "traditional marriage". She also wants viewers to know that she's not doing it to further any political issues. She's not dancing to push any agendas for that matter. Bristol's also not doing DWTS to take attention away from having her maternal side questioned. So, now that we know why Palin is not returning to the hit ABC series, let's talk about the possible reasons she's really giving the program another spin…

Showing off the new face…

Bristol came under fire in 2011 when her face suddenly looked much different than the pudgier countenance the world was accustomed to. The former Alaska governor's daughter insisted that the change in her appearance was due to corrective jaw surgery. For the All-Star show, apprehensive viewers will continue to question whether Bristol has had a few extra tweaks here, there, or elsewhere.

She wants to show up Pamela Anderson.

And speaking of physiques, Pamela Anderson has also agreed to rejoin the pros on the All-Star show. You can imagine the gossip rags now. Pamela and Bristol in a side-split shot, wearing dental floss and rhinestones. The headlines read something about DWTS' newest sexpots go "head to head"---or something like that. In any case, the 21-year-old may be eager to show another side of herself this second time around.

Her reality show was a fail.

Palin's attempt to follow in her mother's reality show footsteps was met with a dismal response. Lifetime viewers just haven't connected with the show. And it seems that controversy follows her wherever she goes. She came under fire when her 3-year-old son Tripp allegedly uttered a gay slur. She denied the report, stating that it was the other F-word he'd said. In any event, the toddler's potty mouth is yet another thorn in the side of those attempting to convince the world that the reality show is worth the airtime.

"Silencing the Haters"

It appears that her main goal in reappearing on the show is to "silence the haters." It's difficult to understand exactly what she means by this. If she's referring to those who disagree with her parenting skills or views on homosexuality, then she will never please everyone regardless of the stance she takes. If she's referring to those who think she's a poor dancer, then she'll have to show and prove.

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