Why Beyonce’s ‘Topless’ Bodysuit was a Great Marketing Tool

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Why Beyonce’s ‘Topless’ Bodysuit was a Great Marketing Tool

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Beyonce Knowles-Carter

Beyonce Knowles is all set to take the world by storm. The "Crazy in Love" singer kicked off her 42-city world tour with a show in Serbia Monday night in a bodysuit that had jaws dropping. The long-sleeved bedazzled outfit boasted an optical illusion that made it appear that she was topless (with "prominent" nipples). Known for donning arresting costumes in the past, Beyonce is no stranger to wowing fans. But there are quite a few reasons why rocking a "fake physique" was particularly clever.

They didn't require FCC intervention.

Unlike Janet Jackson's unfortunate 2004 incident, Beyonce's recent Super Bowl experience remained unscathed (save for that mysterious blackout). If anyone is going to find a way to be risque without ruffling too many feathers, it's going to be her. The optical illusion may seem naughty by most standards, but for her it appears to be perfectly legal.

Taking the heat off "Bow Down"

What's the best way to squash interest in a story you'd like to get rid of? Simply come up with another story. Controversy over lyrics in "Bow Down/I Been On" have riddled headlines. Add breasts to the hodgepodge of celebrity fanfare. Now fans and critics confused by Bey's apparent attitude toward success have something else on which to concentrate.

Waldrobe malfunctions are becoming passe.

We saw Anne Hathaway's headlights at the Oscars. Before that, the paps caught an unfortunate glance at her other lady parts. Dozens of other celebs have suffered the same fate. Suffice it to say, a wardrobe malfunction is so commonplace that it is literally a rite of passage in Hollywood. If you want to be the pop star that everyone is always talking about, you've got to come up with something new. The only thing better than naughty nudity is the illusion of it.

She can confuse fans about "alleged" plastic surgery.

When Bey was pregnant, some conspiracy theorists thought she wasn't. People have criticized and analyzed nearly every inch of Beyonce's physical existence. Did she or didn't she nip, tuck, lift or plump? Plenty of gossip sites have made assumptions about her figure, but the jury is still out on those details. Nonetheless, a brilliant way to confuse people about what you're really working with, is to create an optical illusion. If Bey ever has any future cosmetic work, we'll be too confused to know what parts are real. The bodysuit is not as messy as body paint and less expensive than surgical enhancement. It really was pure genius.

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