Why is Beyonce Always the Subject of Pregnancy Rumors?

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Have you noticed that the world is seemingly obsessed with Beyonce's pregnancy status? The R&B diva is at the center of a pregnancy rumor at least four times a year. One rumor, addressed on Mediatakeout (amongst others) once purported that Beyoncé was "three months into her gestation." Those are some pretty specific details for something revealed to be totally untrue. Mama Tina advised the world that there would be no pitter-pattering anytime soon; the singer was not pregnant. As if to add insult to injury, photos quickly circulated showing a particularly svelte Beyoncé hanging onto her hubby's arm. The rumor had been foiled again. The super-couple has mentioned the desire to pop out some little Bey Beys later on down the line. But the pregnancy rumors just keep on coming. Why is the R&B superstar the frequent target of baby bump rumors?

The world is dying to see what Beyoncé will look like pregnant.

Indeed, Jay-Z and Beyoncé possess some pretty interesting physical features; we can't wait to feast our eyes on the offspring of Jay-Z and R&B's most beautiful woman in the world. Countless gossip sites have pondered the pairing. But even more than that, Beyoncé's fluctuating weight is a constant source of media fodder, prompting many people to speculate on whether the changes are "hormonally related." We're simply dying to see how the siren's flawless bod reacts to the wonders of motherhood.

Dipping Diva Status

Though the world is chomping at the bit to lay eyes upon the offspring of this Hollywood pair, fans are also wondering whether Beyoncé's diva status will take a hit. Will a baby change things? The answer is most definitely yes. But whether or not a little one will slow down the party remains to be seen. J.Lo, Christina Aguilera, and others have transitioned pretty smoothly from industry mover and shaker—to sexy mom. Would Bey be just as divalicious with a baby Hov on her hip? Inquiring minds want to know.

Going Against the Grain

So many celebrities are choosing to bring children into the world long before they say, "I do" that going in a different direction raises curiosity. Strange as it sounds, traditional approaches to family still have their appeal; they just aren't considered the standard anymore. Beyoncé and Jay-Z dated several years before marrying, and are perhaps taking time to enjoy marriage before starting a family. The bottom line is that doing "something different" often prompts people to wonder: "Is what they're doing better?"

Breaking News

Ironically, the Beyoncé pregnancy rumors are so prevalent that it's become somewhat of a sick contest to be first to break the story. It's sort of like being the first one to reveal that Susan Lucci had finally won a Daytime Emmy. We're about as invested as we can be in the existence of someone we don't even know, fascinated by the Bey and Jay-Z's fiercely guarded romance. We ultimately want what we can't have: an inside track their private life. So, the baby bump watch continues...

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