Whitney Port's $50K Fashion Fundraising Campaign Isn't Going Very Well -- Here's Why

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Whitney Port's $50K Fashion Fundraising Campaign Isn't Going Very Well -- Here's Why

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Whitney Port

Whitney Port probably thought her plan to raise $50,000 on the crowdfunding website IndieGoGo was a sure thing. The former reality star turned fashion designer created the campaign to raise funds for her runway show during New York Fashion Week in September.

"Having come off a successful show at New York Fashion Week last season, the time has come to show again but in a way that has never been done before. I want to provide my fans with a behind-the-scenes experience on how a runway show of this caliber is designed, developed and executed," Port wrote on the campaign page, adding that it's a way for her fans to be "an integral part of the process."

It's not exactly working. The campaign has only raised about $3,800 as of mid-August - not exactly on track to make her $50,000 goal by September 10. And why is that? Let's examine why her "first fan-supported runway show" isn't getting the money she wants.

She's Already Rich

Why is Port asking for money? That seems to be the question on everyone's mind. Most business people go to investors when they need the capital for their business. Also, Port has a net worth said to be upwards of $3.5 million, thanks to her former cash from "The Hills" ($20K an episode), endorsement deals with brands like Zeno and her television gigs on "Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model."

Also, she came from a wealthy family: Her father, Jeffrey Port, is the head of a fashion company called Swarm. He backed her before, so we're not sure why he can't do it again.

Fans See Through the Ploy

You'd think Port's die-hard fans would be falling all over themselves to donate to Port in order to be a "part" of her runway show. Sure, some fans have donated cash, but it's not nearly as much as she wants. It could be that her fans just don't have the money to donate. However, it's more likely that they feel like they're being used.

They Aren't Getting Anything Good in Return

Those who donate to Ports campaign can "earn" anything from a Twitter shout out to a front-row seat at her show. Fans can even get an internship at her studio if they donate $750 or more. Pay to work? No thanks. Sorry Whitney, it seems like you're going to have to fork over the cash for your own fashion show.

Whitney Port's fundraising campaign: Innovative or tacky?

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