Whitney Houston's Family to Get Their Own Reality Show -- 3 Reasons We Wish They Wouldn't

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In case you needed any more evidence that reality TV is here to stay, Lifetime and the remaining family members of late signer Whitney Houston are apparently in the works to create a show together. "The Houston Family Chronicles" would feature Whitney's only daughter Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's mother Cissy and Whitney's sister-in-law Pat. Pat would be the central focus of the show as she was once Whitney's manager, and she's currently helping look after the estate and 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina.

Rob Sharenow, a Lifetime executive, said, "The tragic loss of Whitney Houston left a void in the hearts of people all over the world, but certainly none more so than her beloved family. In this series, the multiple generations of the Houston family will bravely reveal their lives as they bond together to heal, love, and grow." Lifetime said the show is scheduled to debut some time in 2012, but they did not give a specific date.

As intriguing as a glimpse into the Houston family's household might be, we think there are a few reasons why this show should have stayed on the drawing board, and here are three of them.

It's Too Soon - Whitney just passed away in February, not even six months ago. It just makes the whole show seem a little inappropriately rushed into production, as if they had the show planned already in the event that Houston passed away tragically. Maybe a better idea would have been to wait another year or more so that audiences and the Houston family could have more time to mourn, grieve and heal. Maybe Lifetime and the Houstons want to catch that healing process on tape, but it just feels very commercialized.

It's Too Late - If the show had debuted when Whitney was still alive, it would have been a fascinating glimpse into her life. As someone who had one of a kind talent but whose career had taken a back-slide after struggling with personal demons, it's a story that would have been impossible to not watch. However now the show will just feel like another tragic footnote in the saga that was Whitney's life.

No Whitney, No Bobby, No Show - The two most dynamic characters in the story of Whitney's life were her husband Bobby Brown and Houston herself. While it's entirely possible that Bobby could pop up on this new show, the reality is that the person that the audience would most like to see in this light has sadly passed away. Without Whitney the show will always feel empty. We can't imagine that Houston won't be mentioned every episode, which will only help to emphasize the big hole that's left in her wake.

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